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eBay business policies and excluding postage locations

Note that our system does not currently support the Business Policies API so there is no direct management from our system.


Business Policies are your saved preferences for payment, postage and returns options. You can create multiple policies for payments, postage and returns, and then select the policies you want to apply to each listing.

Business policies help save time and reduce errors when creating and updating listings.

·     Define your policies once for the different types of items you sell – then add that information to your listings with just a few clicks.

·     Any listings you've linked to a policy will be updated automatically if you change the policy.

·     Manage your policies easily within My eBay.

·     Apply business policies when listing or revising an item.


How do I get Business Policies?

If you don’t already have Business Policies on your account, you can opt‐in yourself at:

Upon opting‐in, it may take some time for the various policies to be created and applied to your active listings.


Excluding postage locations

If you are not willing or able to send items to overseas buyers, you must exclude those locations from your listing. Otherwise buyers in other countries can still buy your item, even if you don’t offer international delivery options in your listings.

Excluding locations within Australia is also possible using Business Policies. Australia is divided into 15 regions, any one or more of which can be excluded in a Postage Policy, which can then be applied to as many listings as you choose. Here is a list of the post code zones (found at the bottom of the page): 


IMPORTANT: Cancelling a transaction because you will not deliver to the buyer’s location will result in a defect. To avoid the defect, you must exclude all locations you will not post to. This will block buyers in those locations from buying your listings. Then, if a buyer asks you to deliver to a location you have excluded and you refuse, any defects you receive from that buyer qualify for removal.

By proactively excluding postage locations in this way, any defects received from buyers in excluded locations will be removed by eBay either automatically, or upon request.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017