eBay Launch Plans

Comparison of eBay Launch Plans

Neto’s eBay launch plans help you to take advantage of the eBay sales channel quickly. Visit our services page to compare the latest plans and pricing.

Typical Steps of an eBay Launch Plan

Step Actioned By Description Estimated Schedule
Initial Call Neto + Client An eBay launch manager will give you a call to discuss your requirements and integration specifics. Week 1
Review custom labels and eBay categories Client Review custom labels if used and determine if they will be utilised as part of your Neto SKU’s. Email your eBay launch manager when happy to proceed with integration. Week 1
Link your eBay store(s) to your Neto account. Neto Your eBay launch manager will link your eBay store(s) to your Neto account if not already linked. Week 1 - 2
Download active listings. Neto If chosen your eBay launch manager will download all active listings and create category tree based on eBay store categories. Week 1 - 2
Product and category setup Client If required add or import categories and products. Week 1 - 2
Controlling Stage Contact Neto + Client Review your inventory and category tree. Your eBay launch manager will discuss your category and product setup. Week 1 - 2
Adjust products and categories Client If required adjust product data and category structure on Neto and eBay. Week 1 - 2
Configure eBay settings within Neto Neto Your eBay launch manager will configure settings based on information provided. Week 2
Setup category mapping Neto Your eBay launch manager will setup category mapping up to 30 categories. Week 2
Complete category mapping Client If required complete mapping. Week 1 - 2
Setup listing templates Neto Your Neto launch manager will create up to 12 listing templates based on your shipping and variation options discussed. Week 2
Setup listing design template Neto If you have not purchased a custom listing template a free template will be used. Your eBay launch manager will set up a template based on your selection with your logo. Week 2
Create/revise a test listing Neto At your direction, a product will be selected and used as a test to list to eBay, or if currently active, to revise on eBay. Week 2
Assign listing templates Client Assign your active products to listing rules templates. Guide can be found here. Week 2
Review order processing Client Review our guide on order processing. Week 2

  • Last Modified: 13/04/2017 Neto Version: 6.9