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eBay Rates Table Shipping

eBay allows you to specify standard and expedited rates by location through their own table. There is no API access to this however you can utilise it by selecting My eBay Rates table on listing rules template.

You can define services associated with the ones offered on eBay by selecting them above in first column. The first row will refer to standard shippind and second row expediated shipping. This allows you to automatically map the service to your shipping methods in the system.

The static shipping costs in screenshot above are only required for the Surcharge rates table option.

To access the eBay rates table go to > site preferences > postage preferences > Use postage rate tables.

You can define rates by:

  • Item (flat rate per zone)
  • Weight (flat rate + per kg)
  • Surcharge (added to the cost you define in your listing rules template)

Item Rates

Specify the flat rate postage cost that your buyers in these regions or states will pay.

Weight Rates

When you set postage rates by weight, you can provide minimum postage cost and an additional postage cost per kg. The additional cost will be calculated based on the weight you provide at the time of listing. Buyers will see the total postage cost and won’t see these calculations.

Surcharge Rates

Specify postage surcharges to charge buyers in certain regions or states a specific amount in addition to the postage cost you specify in your listing rules template. Buyers see only the total postage cost.

In this example, domestic regions don’t have any surcharge for standard post, and 5 for standard, and $10 for expedited added to the postage cost.

International Rate Tables

International shipping rate tables are available on the eBay US, UK and DE sites. International rate tables work in much the same way as domestic rate tables. The seller can specify an alternative shipping rate for each shipping service category, in each of several international regions. The shipping service categories are Economy, Standard and Express.


Below is the list of postcodes that are used as part of ebay rates table zones.

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