Feedback automation

Leaving feedback can be automated through our sytem or through eBay’s automatic feedback system.

Automating feedback

The system will automatically leave positive feedback for your eBay customers when the order is paid for in full. You can set as many feedback comments as you like in the system and it will select one at random for each transaction.

To edit the feedback comments that the syste uses go to:

eBay > setup > feedback manager

  • Add a comment by clicking “add new eBay feedback comment”
  • Mark the comments as active to allow it to be selected by the system
  • Mark the comment as inactive to prevent it from being selected by the sytem
  • Click “edit” to edit the comment
  • To turn off the sytem's automatic feedback manager, simply delete all the feedback comments in the system

Automating feedback through eBay

As an alternative to using our system feedback manager you can use eBay’s automatic feedback system. This is available through eBay Seller Manager Pro’s automation preferences section, a free tool for all eBay store owners.

To change your automation preferences login to your eBay account and go to:

  1. My eBay
  2. In the Automation Preferences view, scroll down to the preference you want to change.
  3. Select the options you want to change, and then click the Apply button.

  • Last Modified: 03/01/2017