Category Mapping


Once you have added your own product categories you can setup eBay category mapping.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard select eBay > eBay Category Mapping

  2. On the eBay Category Mapping page, select Add New

  3. Select the eBay store, eBay site and Category tree (product categories - by default) you want to create mapping for​.

  4. Map your product categories to eBay categories by selecting the related primary, secondary and store categories. If you do not want to list to secondary or store categories, you can leave these blank.

    Please Note: Setting Secondary Store categories will count as a separate listing.

  5. If a leaf/subcategory is not completed, you will receive the following error when listing:
    Primary Category is required. Record Skipped.

    Products in your webstore can appear in multiple categories. When mapping eBay Categories, the first category on your product that is mapped under the category mapping page will be used for both primary and secondary.

    Please Note: If you do not prioritise your categories on the product, the first one listed will not necessarily be first priority. We recommend prioritising if you are seeing an incorrect mapping.

    If you do not map the first prioritised category under category mapping page then the next prioritised category that is actually mapped will be used.

    If you have a second category under category mapping and do not map a second store category under first category then this will be used for a secondary store category.

    Neto will automatically save your changes as you make them.

Overwriting your category mapping for individual products

When you have thousands of products, it’s important to be flexible when listing your products to the correct category. The category mapping system is a great way to do this in bulk, but it will also be just as important to make tweaks to individual products along the way.

  1. To do this from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Products > View Products and edit the SKU you wish to make changes to.

  2. Scroll down to the List to eBay section where you will see your current listing.

  3. Directly underneath the Select a Listing Rules Template dropdown, you will see your listing rules templates applied to your listing with the rules separated by multiple columns. Under the heading eBay Category and eBay Store Category, you can click the edit button to overwrite the categories in which your products are assigned to.

  4. Make your changes, click the green List button and press Revise Active Listings and your new category will be updated. Sometimes this is not instantaneous and requires 5-10minutes to be populated.

  • Last Modified: 02/02/2017 Neto Version: 6.6