Listing products in bulk

  1. To list products in bulk, go to the Neto dashboard and navigate to Products > View Products

  2. Use the check boxes down the left hand side to select the products you want to list to eBay and press the With X Selected button and click Add Selected to eBay Listing Rules Template.

  3. Select the Listing Rules Template you wish to apply to these items.

  4. Next, go back to your listing rules template itself. Go to Ebay > Listing Rules Templates

  5. Click into the listing rules template you just added your new products to.
  6. Click on the Assign Products tab and click Save Template & List Now button.

Note: If you encounter any errors during listing, you can refer to our error codes guide for solutions.

  • Last Modified: 03/01/2017 Neto Version: 6.6