Assign/Reassign SKU to Active eBay Listing

It is essential your active eBay listings match up to SKU's in the system. If they do not then your orders will not link up correctly when they get imported as the eBay listings will not have a linked SKU.

Another issue you may have is if you import data from another site but do not use SKUs as eBay custom labels then there is no way eBay listings will automatically match up to your products.

The solution around these issues is to assign SKU in the system to active listings either per product or in bulk on eBay.

Note that if you are simply importing products from eBay and do not need to link up to exisiting SKUs then our system will automatically create the products with SKU as whatever you use as eBay custom label or a uniquely generated one.

Per Product

Go to a eBay > Listings > Active

Select a listing ID number of the listing you are changing

Bottom of next page go to Search Products By Name section and type in name

From drop down of options select SKU in system this listing should be associated with

Click Save and Revise remembering to untick revise all fields if you do not have a listing and design template already assigned to the listing.

In Bulk on eBay

Rather than updating on an invidividual basis you can update the SKU's active listings are linked to by logging into your eBay account and going into your active listings page.

From this page you can edit custom labels in bulk and save changes.



After updating custom labels go to eBay > Listings > Active > Download eBay Listings (top right corner)


Create a new SKU from Listing ID

You can create a new SKU from an eBay Listing ID (the red number when you go to eBay Listings > Active). 

To create a product use the following steps:

1. Go to Products > Add New Product 

2. Select Import from an existing eBay listing

3. Enter the eBay Listing ID that you want to use



4. Fill in the details of the product - The Description and eBay Images will import automatically after the product has been created, they will not automatically appear in the product card.

5. Continue and Save. 



  • Last Modified: 04/01/2017