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Deleting a listing from Neto

Deleting a listing from Neto can only be done if the listing has been Ended and marked as Completed on the listing ID. Marking a listing in Neto as Completed will stop it from relisting automatically when you are using a relist schedule.

Deleting a Listing from the Listing ID

1. Make sure that the product has been Ended and marked as Completed

2. Once the listing has been marked as Completed, the delete option will appear and you can delete the listing. 


Deleting Listings in Bulk

1. Go to the Ended listings page (eBay > Listings > Ended) - If the products are already marked as Completed, you can go to the Completed page. (eBay > Listings > Completed). 


2. At the bottom of that page, you will need to mark the ended products as Completed - If they are already marked as Completed, you can click on Delete selected.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017