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Photo requirements on eBay are numerous and can prevent products from being listed or even cause active listings to be removed.

Please check the following requirements from

Every listing must have at least one photo

Listings without accompanying photos are no longer allowed. If your item isn't something you can photograph yourself browse the Internet for copyright-free images you can use with your listing.

Minimum photo size

eBay requires a minimum length of 500 pixels for the longest side.

The system has a function to automatically stretch any images up to 550px while maintaining ratio. You can switch this on under ebay > setup > settings > Automatically Enlarge Main Product Image

Don't use borders on your photos

Borders aren’t allowed on any of your photos. The only exception is if you have a “natural” border created by photographing your square or rectangular item against a neutral-colored backdrop.

Watermark policy

Watermarks are allowed for ownership and attribution, but not for marketing information, specific details about your item, or customer service. Your watermark should be no bigger than 5% of the total image area, have an opacity of no more than 50%, and never obscure the item. Links are not allowed in watermarks.

To make sure your watermarks are compliant, use the eBay watermark creation service. You’ll find it in the “Bring your item to life with pictures” section of the listing form.

No text or artwork on photos

No text or artwork (such as “Free shipping” or seller logos) may be added to photos. Copy that is essential to your listing should be placed in the title, subtitle, or item description.

Stock photos can only be used for brand-new items

Stock photos may no longer be used as the primary photo for a used item listing. Catalog images are acceptable, but not as the primary photo for used items; exceptions are the Books, Movies, Music, and Video Game categories. Catalog images for video game consoles, however, must adhere to the new requirement.

Enabling the Zoom/Enlarge feature

Your listing photos will be automatically enabled with a free zoom/enlarge feature on the View Item page if they are high enough resolution. We recommend photos be between 800 - 1600 pixels on the longest side (height or width). Images less than 800 pixels on the longest side will not have this feature enabled.


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Last Modified: 28/09/2017