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Mapping shipping options


If you are integrating with eBay its important to define which eBay shipping services relates to this shipping option so that they are correctly mapped when orders are imported from eBay automatically.

If you offer your customers a choice of shipping options, the system needs to know what those options relate to in your system shipping methods. A common example would be a listing that offers three shipping options:

  1. Free but unregistered
  2. Registered Post with a charge
  3. Express shipping with a charge

On your listing templates you will choose the shipping services and the corresponding charges for each listing.

Each service code you use will need to be linked to a shipping method in the system, or the system will not know which method that order should be shipped with.

Mapping Shipping Methods

To map go to the shipping method that you want to link an eBay shipping code to.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Shipping and then click Shipping Methods. Edit the shipping method that you want link a service code to. You just need to click on the ID or the method name.

  2. Once you are in the shipping method, scroll down to the the lower sections, and you will need to click on the tab titled ‘Map This Method to eBay Shipping Services’.

  3. Select the eBay site you want to link service codes to (eg. eBay Australia), and then search for the service code you want to add. All you need to do is click the checkbox for the services and click the ‘Add Service(s)’ button.

  4. You should now see a list of services that will be linked.

  5. Save changes.

Unmapped Shipping Services

If you do not map eBay shipping services to shipping options correctly, the related eBay orders can be placed “on hold” so that you can manually select the correct shipping option for each order.

  1. To change this from the Neto dashboard, navigate to eBay > Setup & Tools. Click Settings.

  2. Under Order Settings header, there is an option called ‘Default Shipping Method ID For eBay Orders’.

  3. If you choose ‘Do not select shipping option when option is not available’ the system will place orders on hold until you decide which shipping option to ship with. Another option you might consider would be have the system choose the cheapest available option, or to choose a specific shipping method.


If you find that the shipping mapping is not working as desired there are a number of settings you can check.

  1. Make sure the shipping method is active and visible to eBay.

  2. Check that the shipping service hasn’t been mapped to another method, removing it from the first.

  3. Confirm that the shipping method is a part of the shipping category that is assigned to the product.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.6