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3rd Party Stock Management

Turning off stock management for eBay

The following document will assist you in setting up your eBay settings to not use Neto's stock data. 


1. You will need to have 'Automatically Maintain Stock Levels' switched on as a part of this setting - in this case it will purely to ensure that if you have products out of stock, that it will not put them back into stock (through the Maximum QTY to list option). 


2. On the template you have the following setting switched on: No - Ignore qty in stock, list qty specified above

** Please note that what you specify in the Maximum QTY to List is what will be listed when you create a new listing. 


3. In your eBay Settings (eBay Menu Setup Settings), scroll down to the eBay Listing Settings. There will be a section called Restock eBay fixed listings at "x" QTY setting; you will need to make it 0 and the same with the Restock eBay listings at "x" qty %. This will stop the listings to go back up to QTY entered in the Maximum QTY to List

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017