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Overselling Stock Problems

This page will outline some steps on checking what reason/s your eBay listings have oversold items. 

Step 1. 

If stock has been oversold when the correct stock control settings have been applied, ensure the listing rules template has been correctly applied. Go into the Listing ID (coloured red) which is found in 'List to eBay' in the SKU or from Ebay > Listings > Active and searching for the affected SKU.

Click on the listing designer tab and click on 'Load data from eBay Listing Template', save and revise listing. We also recommend having shipping and payment options also ticked so everything is streamlined.

Step 2. 

You can check in your eBay processes whether or not the ReviseInventoryStatus process has run. You can check this process by filtering by reviseinventorystatus in the eBay Module filter. Furthermore, you can narrow it down even further by selecting date ranges and details such as eBay Order ID or eBay Listing ID. Please note that if you have any processes that have been stuck on the queue; a way to identify this is to see what day it was scheduled to run. If the process is more than a day or two old, it would be best to stop the process manually and allow several hours for the scheduled processes to run. 

Step 3. 

You can check the Inventory Change Logs to see if there have been any changes made. Something to look out for in the log is the Transaction Information in the righthand column. It will show and link you to orders related to the changes. Please ensure to match up the details when checking if items were oversold. 

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017