Setting 'Out of Stock' to Active Listing

Setting 'Out of Stock' to an active eBay listing will remove the 'Buy it Now' button, allow you to retain your listing and the 'sold' history for up to 3 months. If you fail to restock within this time, the listing will be removed by eBay.

You will need to ensure that your Out of Stock control in eBay > Settings > Store Manager > Select account is turned on otherwise, it could end your listings. 

In your listing rules template, go to 'Categorisation & Listing Rules' tab and scroll down to 'Stock Control'. Set the ' Maximum Quantity to List*' to 0 and save the template and revise the current listing.

It's recommended duplicating the current listing rules template and naming it 'Out of Stock' to easily segregate these listings.


  • Last Modified: 04/01/2017