Changing your custom eBay Listing Design

The following article will explain how to install your eBay Custom Listing Design and apply it to your eBay Listing Rules templates so that they can go live. 


  • Complete eBay Custom Listing Design using our tags
  • Listing Rules Template
  • Live eBay listing

You will need to ensure that you apply the correct listing design to the correct template (this may apply to some who choose to use Shipping Calculators on some listings and not on other listings). 

1. Open up your Listing Rules template that you wish to apply the new design to its listings (eBay > Listing Rules Templates > View All Listing Rules Templates).

2. Select the design you have installed.

3. Click Save Template (If you would like to revise the listings linked to this Template, then Click Save Template and Revise Active Listings)

4. Revise listings linked to any templates that you have added the new design to. 

Please note; if you have specified the listing design on the SKU, you will need to edit this by an import - the information can be found here

  • Last Modified: 03/01/2017