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Migrating to our Design Templates

When you download your active listings off ebay your entire source code of your listing gets usually pulled down into the system. You can assign whether it goes into ebay description, description or both. We recommend ebay description.

In some cases if your current listing has content that cannot be captured your entire description may not be imported. Common issues are javascript in your listing design, content served from outside eBay, scrolling galleries.

If you do succesfully import your description in full or partially you will need to edit it to make it compatible with our design templates. The reason for requiring editing is that the description field is actually one container within a design template and if you apply a new design template to your current listing your existing description will effectively be inserted within the description container. This could potentially be a template within another template.

Unusable Description

If your description is not usable you are still able to use our system to manage your ebay listings by not selecting a design template on listing rules template. This means that your current design/description will be left unchanged until you have clean description data that we can use within our own design templates whether they be free, premium or custom designed.

To ensure all fields are updated but not your description ensure you select blank option under Listing Design & Images tab.

Preparing Description for our Design Templates

There are 4 different ways of cleaning up your description data to use within our design templating system.

  • Manually edit
  • Update custom label as SKU
  • Bulk update by SKU
  • Reassign active listing linked SKU

Manually Edit

After importing active listings you can go into a product SKU and manually edit the description. We recommend clean text only description so that there are no formating clashes between design template and description html.

Update Custom Label as SKU

If you have third party data in the form of a spreadsheet that you can import into the system we recommend you utilise the custom label field on eBay. You should set each active listings custom label to the matching SKU that you may have in outside data. If you do not have this data there is no need to perform this task.

To access the field log into > Selling Manager Pro > Active

After updating your custom labels on eBay with your SKUs you should then import active listings and create products from them. This way the SKU that is generated in our system will match exactly to your custom labels set on eBay.

If you have already imported data and subsequently wish to import it again with correct custom labels we recommend deleting all product and category data from the system and running eBay data migration again. Note that any data you may have edited in the system will be lost so please ensure you perform an export if required.

Bulk Update by SKU

If you have migrated your active listings with custom labels as your SKU's then you will now be able to import a csv file of your SKU and description data. The descriptions will be updated from the this spreadsheet and write over the data you have imported from eBay. If you prefer to keep your eBay data for reference you can import into description field rather than ebay description field and use this field for ebay listing data.

Reassign Active Listing Linked SKU

Go to a eBay > Listings > Active

Select a listing ID number of the listing you are changing

Bottom of next page go to Search Products By Name section and type in name

From drop down of options select SKU in system this listing should be associated with

Click Save and Revise remembering to untick revise all fields if you do not have a listing and design template already assigned to the listing.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017