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Going Live with Neto’s eBay Integration

To get the best out of the Neto's eBay integration, you will want your Neto account to be listing, revising and managing the order processing for your eBay account.

To ensure that you have everything setup from start to finish, we recommend going through our Launch Guide to configure the integration.

Here’s a quick checklist of each component you will need to configure, successfully trade through Neto:

Once the above is complete, you will need to list your products or revise your active listings. Neto will always revise over the top of what you have in eBay, so if you are using listing rules templates in Neto on your active listings, always remember to make updates to products from within Neto to push them to your eBay listings.

List new products from Neto:

Update existing listings so they are managed through Neto:

The final steps is to turn on order management from the eBay Settings page in Neto. This can be done by navigating to eBay > Setup & Tools > Settings and unchecking Disable Automatic eBay Order Management.

This will start the processes to import orders from eBay. You will then be able to follow the Pick, Pack and Dispatch order processing method to complete your eBay Orders, which will update their status in eBay.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017