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Information pages allow you to pass on information to your customers. For example, an About Us page, or a Contact Us page. These types of pages are another great way to engage your customers, and humanise your business.

The following information pages are typically required by anyone selling anything online. They are also required by financial institutions (banks) prior to them issuing you with an online merchant (credit card processing) facility.

Therefore it is important that the below information pages exist on your website prior to applying for a merchant facility or trading on-line.

  • About Us – explains what your company is all about, where it is located and what products it sells
  • Privacy & Security Policy – explains how you manage your customer’s personal information, including how you secure this information.
  • Terms and Conditions – explains the terms and conditions users of your website must agree to if they wish to use your website.
  • Contact Details – contains your physical and postal address as well as your phone number(s)
  • Shipping Rates & Times – explains your shipping rates and estimated delivery times.
  • Returns Policy – explains what your returns policy is and the steps customers should take to return items.

To access your information pages, or to create a new one, from the Neto Control Panel select Webstore > Information Page (or Webstore > Webpage).

You’ll find there are already some pages set up as examples, like an About Us page, and a Privacy Policy etc.

For more information on this feature, see our comprehensive support articles.

Last Modified: 26/04/2017


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