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Importing Variation Products into Neto

Variable products are a great feature for offering variations of a product with different prices, stock and more. They can be used for offering variations of a product e.g. a large t-shirt vs a small t-shirt.

Each variation will have its own unique SKU and each variation can have its own images, pricing, description, stock and shipping information.

Product specifics

Product specifics are used to categorise differences between products that are part of the same parent. For example, if the difference between your product variation is colour, then you would have the specific “Colour” specified for each product variation. The end result for the customer would be the option to select which colour they want to buy on your web store.

You can have multiple specifics per product variation. In such cases the customer will presented with multiple buying options. For example “Colour” and “Size”.

Product images

By default the system will use the image you specify on your parent product for all its variations unless you upload images to each variation. Therefore if you want to show specific images for each variation you can by uploading images to each.

Start by downloading and populating the Product Variation Template.

Once you have prepared your Product Variation CSV for import:

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, select Setup & tools > Import Data.

  2. On the Import Page, select Products as the Data Type you will be importing.

    If you are using a CSV that was prepared by Neto, select Perform Simple Import. Otherwise, if you would like to map your own column headings, select Perform Complex Import. Both will produce the same results in the end.

  3. Locate and Upload your prepared CSV file.

    Update existing products (matched by SKU) - If ticked, this will match any existing SKUs your have in your Neto Control Panel and update them with any changed information. This is great for updating certain information in bulk.

  4. Once uploaded, you will be shown a preview of your import. This preview will tell you how many products are being imported as well as a preview of the data being imported. If the number of Products and the Preview fields look correct to you, click Start Import.

    If the number of Products and the Preview data looks incorrect, review your CSV file to ensure you have the correct information in the correct columns before proceeding.

  5. Neto will start to import your products in the background. This may take a few minutes depending on how many products you are importing.

  6. After a few minutes, you can view your newly imported Products by selecting Products > View Products from the top menu bar and locating your new products in the Product List.

For more information on this subject, see our comprehensive support articles.

Last Modified: 28/09/2017

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