Offline Payments

Offer offline payment methods such as cash, cheque or direct bank deposit.

You can offer a combination of or all or any of these options to your customers. The more options for your customers the better!

Adding an Offline Payment Method

Implementing new payment methods through Neto has never been easier. It's as simple as selecting your payment method, putting in your details and pressing save!

To get started, navigate to the Payment Method setup page.

  1. From the CPANEL > Cog Icon > Payment Methods

  2. Here you will be presented with your current payment methods, each with their own individual options etc. To add a new payment method, simply press Add New.

  3. Listed are the different payment methods that Neto integrates with. Each option has a list of carriers depending on the method. For this example, we'll set up a Direct Deposit Method.

  4. It's simply just a matter of inserting the relevant data. Keep in mind that the display name is what the customer can see when selecting a payment method.

  • Last Modified: 10/04/2016