Realtime Credit Card Processing Gateways

When choosing a credit card processing provider, it's important to do research to ensure you get the best value for money and benefits to suit your business model.

If you're still deciding which provider to go with, consider the following;

  • Banks need to undertake a risk-assessment of your business and may require you to provide lengthy paperwork
  • Third-party processors will dramatically simplify PCI DSS Compliance by handling credit processing externally
  • Triggered payments are important if you plan to use lay-by or recurring payments

Neto offers a number of Realtime Credit Card Processing Gateways, currently including:

Name Optional Payment Types Relevant Sites
Advam* More Info
ANZ eGate 2-Party Payments Multi-Currency More Info
Bendigo Bank More Info
CommWeb Virtual Payment More Info
eWay / eWay Rapid 3.1 Anti-Fraud* Triggered More Info
Merchant Warrior* More Info
NAB Transact More Info
Neto Pay* More Info
Paypal PayFlow Pro* More Info
Paystream Triggered More Info
SecurePay / SecurePay Tech* Triggered More Info
St George More Info
T24 Gateway* More Info
Westpac PayWay More Info

*Indicates Third-Party/Aggregated Payment Solutions

  • Last Modified: 10/04/2016