Advanced Fields (Apps)

Neto Modules are an extension to the Neto platform to add new features. Neto currently supports the following Product Add ons:

  • Pricing Promotions
  • Order Quantity Limits
  • Serial Tracking
  • PDF Brochure Upload
  • Advanced Product Descriptions
  • Product Options
  • Assembled Dimensions
  • Search Hidden Keywords
  • Cross-sell Products
  • Editable Kits
  • Pre-defined Shipping Packages
  • Multi Level Pricing
  • Download Image from URL
  • Canonical URLs
  • Warehouse Locations
  • Customer User Groups

Pricing Promotions

Promotional pricing often involves reducing prices to unsustainably low levels. In some cases, products and services may be sold at or below cost. When this is done, interest in goods can be greatly increased, meaning sales are also likely to increase dramatically.

This add on adds the ability to add your Promotional Pricing to products on your site. You can set Start and End dates for the promotional pricing allowing your to set this up in advance.

Order Quantity Limits

This add on adds the ability to set a Minimum and Maximum quantity per product that can be ordered by a customer. It also allows you to enforce ordering in multiples. This can be especially useful for items that can only be shipped in multiples or are only ecomonic to send once a certain volume has been met.

Serial Tracking

If the products you sell have serial numbers, you can track them with this feature for warranty purposes.

PDF Brochure Upload

This add on adds the ability to upload PDF brochures to your products. Customers can then download the brochures from the product pages. This is especially helpful for products that may have assembly instructions. The Brochure download links can be configured to show anywhere on the Product Page.

Advanced Product Descriptions

With this add on you can expand the number of product description fields available, including Short Description, Features, Specifications, Terms & Conditions.

Product Options

This add on is a must have for hamper and gift sites. This add on adds the ability to have non-inventoried extras offered to your customers at the point of purchase. For example, the option to pay for gift wrapping or entering a gift message to be printed on a card.

Assembled Dimensions

Have products that ship in a box that need to be assembled? Want to tell your customers what size these products will be once assembled? This add on is for you. This add on adds fields to define the assembled dimensions of your products. Ideal for furniture retailers.

Cross-sell Products

This add on allows you to allocate suggested products to other products via settings in the control panel. They appear in the Related Products section on the product page.

Search Keywords

This add on enables the ability to add hidden search keywords to your products that can only be seen by the Neto search engine. Ideal for mis-spellings, competitor brand & more.

Editable Kits

This add on adds the ability to build custom products from a list of pre-defined kit components. Excellent for building personalised hampers or gifts.

Pre-defined Shipping Packages

This add on provides the option of setting up pre-defined package sizes for different package types (cartons, boxes, satchels etc). This can dramatically streamline order fulfilment.

Multilevel Pricing

This add on Allows you to offer discounts for customers ordering products in greater quantities. Set customised price levels based on the quantity ordered.

Download Image from URL

This add on allows downloading image from URL for products. This is ideal for drop shippers who might provide an online repository of images that are continually kept up to date.

Canonical URLs

A canonical URL is the URL that you want visitors to see.

Quite often canonical URLs were used to describe the homepage. The typical example used is that most people treat the following URLs as the same:

The fact is that these are all different URLs. From a search engine perspective, this can cause a bit of an issue. Hence the idea of canonicalization. Canonicalization is the process of picking the best URL (to present to the search engines) when there are multiple choices available. Typically a search engine, such as Google will attempt to pick the best URL that they feel is the authority for that page. However, sometimes they may in fact select the wrong one.

The easiest way to avoid this is to let the Search engines and the users know which is your "preferred URL" a.k.a canonical URL.

This add on allows you define canonical URLs for any page in your system directly through the user the Neto CPANEL.

Warehouse Locations

This add on adds the ability to define the location of a product in your warehouse. This feature supports assigning multiple locations to a single SKU.

Customer User Groups

With this add on ,you can organise your customers into groups and define group specific rules for pricing or viewing products, categories or content pages. Perfect for business that require customer groups such as:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • VIP
  • etc.

  • Last Modified: 10/04/2016