Advanced Products

Neto provides the option to create Advanced Products for items that may require a more in depth product layout.

For example an article of clothing, with different sizes and colours. This is known as a Variation Product, where you'll have a Parent Product with the Variations each being Child Products, linked together.

Neto also allows you to create Kits, a product made up of lots of other products, given to your customers as one single product.

Advanced Products are perfect for Gift Hampers or PC Part Kits.

Product with Variations

A Variation Product consists of two core things:

  • A parent product that has the core product you are wishing to sell, for example the style of T-Shirt, or type of paint.

  • A child product that links to the parent product, for example one of the colours of the paint, or one combination of size and colour of a T-Shirt.

This allows you to manage them under one a single Parent Product that your customers can see as one product, and choose the appropriate variation to suit their needs, instead of having a myriad of products listed on the front end for all of these different types of colours and sizes for the same product.

  1. To create a Variation Product, select Products > Add New Product via the CPANEL.

  2. From the options select Create Product with Variations.

    Here you can create the description of your Parent product, approached the same as creating a regular product. Once you're finished with that, click Continue. You'll then be presented with the product page of your new product within the CPANEL, and taken directly to Product Variations heading.

  3. Click Add New Variation. You will be presented with a small popup where you can add your variation information.

Input the basic details of your Variation Product and Save. This will link your Parent Product to your Child Products.


Kitting or Bundling is the process by which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. For example a value pack or gift hamper that contains multiple products that are sold as an individual SKU.

You can also use kitting or bundling to extend the number of SKU’s you have without actually increasing your stock holding. For example, you could build a new SKU from an existing SKU, change the name, description and price and gain an additional SKU. This is ideal where the same inventoried SKU may just be described differently, for example a generic car part that fits multiple makes of vehicle may be referred to as a “Mazda Car Part” and a “Honda Car Part”.

Before creating a Kitted Product make sure you have some products in your store already to add to the kit.

  1. To create an editable kit, go to Products > Add New Product and select Product built from one or more other products.

  2. Like all Products in Neto, you will need to create a SKU and Product Name as well as assigning it to a Product Category. Enter a Description and a Price for your new kitted product.

    At the bottom of the product creation page there will be a section for Kitting. It is here that you add your product SKUs for your kit.

  3. Add the Products you'd like to include in the Kit and Save.

  • Last Modified: 10/04/2016