API Rate Calculation

Neto currently supports the following Shipping Carrier API's for Shipping Pricing:

Shipping Carrier Type of Pricing
Fastway Public Pricing
Smart Send Account Pricing
Temando Account Pricing
Australia Post Public Pricing
Australia Post eParcel Account Pricing
Australia Post International Public Pricing
Couriers Please Account Pricing
OpenFreight TIG Account Pricing
Startrack Express Account Pricing
TNT Express Account Pricing
Want It Now Account Pricing

Shipping Carrier API Calculation

Neto also supports a wide variety of Third Party Shipping Carrier API's. This means that Neto can send through order information to the respective carriers where the calculation is performed and returned back to Neto to be displayed.

API Pro's and Con's


  • Quick and Easy set up process
  • Accurate Contract Rates returned from the shipping carrier
  • Negligible room for error
  • No need to update rates if your carrier changes them


  • Not all Shipping Carrier's provide an API to return rates
  • Relies on a Third Party Server to return calculations
  • Can be slow to calculate if many API calls need to be made

  • Last Modified: 19/09/2016