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Creating Shipping Labels / Consignments

The pack order page displays a list of items that need to be packed for an order. The qty ordered is shown in the black “Qty” column, the qty left to pack / ship shown in the green “Ship” column.

Creating shipping labels / consignments for items automatically marks them as shipped / dispatched.

Creating Shipping Labels / Consignments

Automatic consignments

To have the system automatically generate a shipping label based on the shipping matrix setup touch “automated consignment”. If you are coming directly from picking an order, the system will automatically do this step for you.

Once created, you can edit the automatic label or add additional articles. To create a label for a different method or carrier close the popup and touch “Custom Consignment”.

Manual consignments

To create a shipping label / consignment manually, touch “Custom Consignment”.  You can then select the carrier you want to create a label for and define the consignment details.



Printing Shipping Labels & Other Documents

To print a shipping label click on the “Print Shipping Labels” button after you have saved and generated the label.  You can then select the print to print to.  You can also touch the “Print Documents” button at the bottom of the page at any time to print shipping consignments and invoices.


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Last Modified: 28/09/2017