Locating & Filtering Orders to Pick

To locate a list of orders to pick, click on the "Pick" button at the top of any screen. The "Pick" order screen will display a list of all orders that have not yet been picked.

Filtering Orders to Pick

You can filter your orders on the order list page using the filter options at the top of the page.


Pick by Zone
Orders are filtered by picking zone. You can assign users to picking zones so that orders in their zone appear first automatically. You can do this from within the “staff user manager” section of your desktop control panel.  (See: Assigning Staff Members to Picking Zones)

Pick by Shipping Method
Orders are filtered by shipping option. You can select from a list of available options.

Search Orders
You can search for specific orders by customer name, order number or purchase order number.

Advanced filters are also available by clicking the “advanced filter” link. This will display additional filters over and above those displayed above. You can also use the advanced filter list to filter by multiple filters at the same time. For example if you would like to filter by zone and shipping method.

For large warehouses / pick areas we recommend using Zone as your default pick filter. You can assign warehouse users (pickers) to zones so that by default order lines for product in their zone are displayed first.

How do I assign a product to a picking zone?

You can assign a product to a zone from within a products edit screen, using a file import or using the API. When setting up your warehouse it is important to group like products together into well thought out zones.

How do I  assign a warehouse user / picker to a warehouse zone?

  1. Go to: Desktop Interface > Admin > Staff User Manager > View All Users
  2. Drill into the staff member you want to edit
  3. Click on the “Picking Zones” tab
  4. Add picking zones to the user (you can assign multiple zones to a single user)


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Last Modified: 19/10/2016