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Picking to a Bin or Tote

Once you have completed picking all order lines, a “complete” popup will appear.  You can then scan the bin / tote you have picked the order to and save your changes (ideal if you have separate pickers and packers in your warehouse - for high volume operations)

Setting a Pick Bin

In addition to scanning the Pick Bin / Tote at the end of the picking process, you can set a Pick Bin at any time in the picking process.

Using the “Set Pick Bin” button scan or enter the Pick Bin you will be picking the order lines to. All order lines scanned after this point will be automatically assigned to this bin.


Starting a New Pick Bin

If your pick bin is full at any time during your pick, you can start a new pick bin by clicking the “Start New Pick Bin” button.

Order lines already picked will be assigned to the previous bin and all future picks will be assigned to the new pick bin. Alternatively you can migrate all products to a larger pick bin and change the set bin by clicking the “Set Pick Bin” button again.

Once you have processed all order lines and have set a pick bin, the order will automatically complete itself and move to the next status in your business workflow. You will then be returned to the list of orders to pick to continue picking your next order.

At this stage you should place the pick bin in your designated packing area, ready for packaging.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017