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Scan Picking Orders

Hold the barcode scanner approximately 5-15 centimeters away from the products barcode. Using the button on the top right of the scanner (Lineapro iPod and iPhone scanners) scan the barcode.

Successful scan:

A successful scan will be indicated by a short sharp tone and the qty remaining to pick of that product will reduce in real time.

Errored scan:

An errored scan will be indicated by a staggered tone and an error message will be displayed on screen. Errors typically occur when the incorrect barcode is scanned.

Overriding the scanner (touch pick):

In cases  where the error is caused by an incorrect barcode on a product or if the product barcode is damaged, missing or unreadable, you can override the system. To override the system:

1. Touch / click the qty ordered of the product (black button).

2. Touch / click “Pick All” to manually pick the order line and override the scanner.

How do I short pick / backorder a product?

1. Touch / click the qty ordered of the product (black button).

2. Enter the qty to backorder into the QTY BO field. You can use the + and - symbols to increase and decrease the qty by touch.

3. Touch / click “Apply” to apply your changes.

Once all order lines have been processed, the qty you have backordered will be split off to a separate backorder automatically. You can then continue to ship the picked lines.

There is a system config that determines whether or not you allow partial backorders per orderline. If you do not allow partial backorders per order line, users will be required to backorder the entire quantity ordered. If they try to partially backorder an orderline, they will receive an error.


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Last Modified: 28/09/2017