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The Pick Order Screen

To start picking order lines drill into the order from your filtered list by touching or clicking the order. The order pick screen will then be displayed showing you the products you need to pick.

Pick Screen UI Elements

The qty ordered of the product. To backorder / short pick a product, touch / click this button, enter the qty to backorder (BKO) and touch apply.

The qty picked to date (this number will increase as you scan items).

The button to push to assign scanned products to a pick bin (required step for pick to bin type picking).

The total qty of products left to pick from your original pick list.

Used to toggle between showing the barcode of the product and the image of the product.

Used to toggle between backordering / short picking an order line and picking an order line.

Used to show order lines that have already been processed (picked or backordered). By default processed lines are hidden so that a user can quickly see what is left to pick.

Used to change the sort order and grouping of products in the pick list.

Customer instructions and staff notes, provided by customers and staff at time of order entry.

Read and add internal notes to order (visible to other staff members and system administrators).

Used to save order lines and release to other operators. While you are processing order lines other operators cannot access those lines until they are released through this button or by completing a pick.

This button only appears after you have set a pick bin / tote to pick to. Once the set pick bin is full, you can start a new pick bin at any time using this button. Order lines already picked will be assigned to the previous bin and all future picks will be assigned to the new pick bin.


Alternatively you can migrate all products to a larger pick bin and change the set bin by clicking the “Set Pick Bin” button.



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Last Modified: 28/09/2017