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Setting up Payment Methods

Neto POS currently supports:

  • Cash payments
  • Eftpos / Credit card payments
  • Account Credit
  • Split payments
  • Refunds

Cash payments and credit card payments appear in your Neto control panel as POS Cash and POS Card respectively. These payment methods need to be active, but do not need to appear on your webstore (if you have the ecommerce add-on installed).

Important Note: Do not remove or rename these payment methods whilst you are using Neto POS as this can cause issues preventing registers from synchronising transactions.

Accepting credit card payments

To access your settings, simply click on Settings > Under Payment Methods, click Card Payments > Click Select Payment Processor and choose between Manual or Tyro.

Neto POS allows you to receive payments via credit card in 2 different ways. This can be set from the Settings page in POS. The options available are:

Manual (external payment terminal): Neto POS can be used in conjunction with any standalone payment terminal. In this mode there is no direct communication between POS and the terminal. Instead you need to manually capture the payment through the terminal and afterwards click on the "Card" button to record the payment.

Important: Because there is no communication with the terminal, the responsibility is on the user to ensure payment is correctly received when using this mode.

Tyro: In this mode Neto POS integrates with a Tyro payment terminal to guide you through the payment workflow. POS will verify that payment was correctly captured before recording it against the sale/refund. To get started, see our guide on configuring Tyro with Neto POS.

Providing store credit and refunds

The system has the ability to provide a store credit and/or refund for returned goods.

  1. In Neto POS, click the New return button.
  2. Click the Add customer to return button on the right hand side and fill out the details.
  3. Add the product(s) the customer is returning and click Return Now button.
  4. Select your options to refund by Cash, Card or Account Credit.

If you change your mind and want to refund the customer (instead of supplying an account credit), simply follow the steps again of another return and just refund the credit instead.

Note: You can always view the amount of credit available on the customer card.

Roadmap Features

The following features are on our road map, and due in future releases:
* Paypal Here
* Gift cards

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 1.8