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Configuring Tyro

Note: The Neto POS integration with Tyro requires Neto version 6.3+ and Neto POS v1.5

  1. From your main register page, tap on the Settings icon in the side menu.

  2. Tap on Card payments.

  3. Tap on Select payment processor.

  4. Select Tyro and then tap on Submit.

  5. The Tyro setup options, including the ability to pair your terminal, are now displayed.

Now that Tyro has been selected as your chosen payment processor, when you select Card payment during Sales or Returns, Neto POS will use Tyro.

Before you can start making transactions, you will need to pair your Tyro terminal.

Tyro Internet connection requirements

The integration between Neto POS and your Tyro terminal requires an active internet connection.

  • If your register goes offline, you will lose the ability to make payments through Tyro until your register comes back online.
  • If your terminal is having difficulty connecting to the internet, this can also result in Neto POS not being able to send details about transactions to your terminal.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 1.5