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Adding a Customer to a Sale or Return

Neto POS allows you to add a customer to your sales and returns. This is important for building an in depth understanding of your customer base through Neto’s reporting and CRM modules.

Transactions made in Neto POS will also be visible in a customer’s online account, when they login to your website (if you are using Neto’s eCommerce module).

Associating a customer to a sale or return

  1. Click on the “Add Customer” button (top right of POS screen)

  2. Enter the customer’s details

  3. Save & add customer

What if I do not add a customer to a transaction?

If you do not associate a transaction with an existing customer, the sale will be assigned to a “generic” POS customer account in your Neto control panel.

What happens if I add a customer to sale but do not process the sale?

The information will not save until the transaction is processed.

What happens when I add a customer to the newsletter subscription?

The customers information is added to your email marketing control panel.

To view this list from the Neto dashboard, go to Marketing > Contact Lists and you will see a list associated with POS newsletter subscribers.

Can I make changes to the customer details?

Yes, you can make changes by tapping on the customer’s name in the top right of the register screen.

Once you are finished making changes, click ‘Save & add customer.’

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Last Modified: 22/06/2018 Neto Version: 1.10