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Adding Products to a Sale

You can add products to a sale from the sales screen in 3 easy ways:

  1. Scan a product’s barcode
  2. Tap / click product thumbnail
  3. Search > touch / click search result

Scan a product’s barcode

Neto POS supports barcode scanning throughout the POS app. You can store up to 4 barcodes against a single SKU (allowing for a product’s barcode to change over time). Neto POS will also read the product SKU as a barcode field - so if you have labels printed with the SKU then the product will be scanned and added to the cart.

You can add barcodes to your products from within your Neto control panel, or when you create and edit products within Neto POS. To edit your product

  1. Click the i icon on the top right hand side and click the Edit button.

  2. Add the barcode and click Save.

  3. If you ever need to add more barcodes to your products, login to your Neto control panel, navigate to Products > View Products.

  4. Select the product you wish to edit, and click on the Warehouse & Picking tab.

  5. Enter the barcodes in the available EAN/UPC fields.

To add a product to a sale using a barcode scanner simply scan a product’s barcode while you have the sales screen open. The system will auto detect the scan and add the product to the sale.

  1. Successful scan = success message displayed, product added to sale
  2. Unsuccessful scan = error message displayed, product not added to sale

For instructions on how to install a barcode scanner, please view our hardware installation support.

Tap / click product thumbnail

Your sales screen will display a list of product thumbnails for the category you are currently viewing. You can add any product displayed to a sale by clicking on or tapping on the product thumbnail. For each tap or click, another unit will be added to the sale.

Search > touch / click search result

You can search for products to add to a sale by name, SKU, barcode or category. Enter your search term in the search input box and a list of results will be displayed.

Tap or click on a search result to add it to the sale.

Variation Products

Individual variations do not appear on the product grid or in search results, but can still be easily added to your transactions. When you tap on a variation item in the search results or on the product grid, you will need to then select which variation you want. If your products have specifics then you will select the variation by navigating through the available specific list. To give a real world example, selecting a shirt might have you then select the colour ‘Blue’ and then the size ‘Medium’, which will finally adding the shirt to the cart.

If you haven’t added any specifics to your variation items, then you will be presented with a list of all your variation product names to select from.

For more details on setting up specifics on your products, please see the article here.

Add Notes To A Product

  1. To add product notes, click/tap on a product that has been added to a sale.
  2. You can then enter Product Notes to the order, which will appear on the receipt.

  3. Select Save Changes to save your notes.

Stock Control

POS will allow out-of-stock items to be purchased at checkout. This is a failsafe for incorrect inventory levels. If a customer picks up an item in the store, they should still be able to purchase.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 1.10