Applying Discounts to a Sale

There are currently two ways to apply a discount to a sale in Neto POS.

  1. Single product discount
  2. Total order discount

Single product discount

  1. Add a product to a sale

  2. Click or tap on the product line to display a modal where you can edit that line on the transaction

  3. Under the “Discount” header, enter the discount value as a percentage off. Alternatively, you can simply enter a total price for the orderline if you need a finer adjustment to the pricing.

  4. Save changes

Order Level Discount (applies to the entire sale)

  1. Add products to a sale

  2. Tap or click on the “Discount” section at the bottom of the sale screen below all products added.

Enter the discount value as a percentage. Please remember that this discount will be applied after any order line discounts.

  • Last Modified: 19/10/2016