Applying Payments to a Sale

Once you have completed adding products to a sale, you can apply payments to the sale.

  1. Click “Pay Now” on the bottom right of the sale screen

  2. You will now be presented with your list of payment options. Select the customer's chosen payment method from the list of available options

  3. If you prefer to calculate the change in your head, simply tap the quick cash button. This will leave you to quickly complete the transaction without entering in the exact amount tendered.
  4. If your customer is paying by cash and you want to enter the exact amount received, tap on 'Cash Payment'​. You will then need to key in the amount received, and Neto POS will be able to calculate the change due.

  5. If eftpos / credit card, verify the amount charged on your payment terminal prior to tapping or clicking the 'Card Payment' option.
  6. Your transaction is now complete!

From the transaction complete screen, you are able to print a receipt for your customer and for your own records, or return back to the sale if necessary to make adjustments.

Once you are ready, tap on the 'Done' button to proceed to the next transaction!

  • Last Modified: 19/10/2016