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With Neto POS you have the ability to create layby orders for customers. The system allows you to set a deposit amount and set a due date for the remaining balance.

Please Note: The layby functions require the Layby For POS addon to be installed. In the Addon Store under Neto Modules scroll down to Advanced Customer Services and install the addon.

  1. To get started from your POS Dashboard, simply add the products to the checkout and click the Fulfil later toggle at the bottom and click Pay now.

  2. Add the customers details in the next screen and click Save & Checkout.

  3. At the top fulfilment type dropdown menu, select Layby.

  4. Enter the initial Deposit amount which the customer will pay immediately. It will then calculate the outstanding balance. Also select the due date when the final payment is required.

  5. In the above example you can see our deposit amount is $70.00.

    Directly underneath, POS provides the selection to pay the initial $70.00. Once the customer has paid, click the Checkout Now button.

  6. A receipt will be created, providing details of the initial deposit, the remaining balance and the due date. See our example receipt we created using the above purchase.

  7. You can now go to your Sales History using the left hand side menu and look up your order. It provides all the information about what has been paid, the due date and the remaining balance.

  8. To make an additional payment, click the Add payment to order button which will redirect you to the Neto control panel to make any additional payments.

  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the order and make the remaining payment(s) under Pay Now.

  10. Once the full balance has been made, the order will be moved to Approved and to Pick status (by default) and ready to be shipped out. If the customer is picking up the item in store, simply move the status to Dispatched once it’s collected.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 1.11