Opening the Cash Drawer

Opening on an iPad

If you have a cash drawer connected to your receipt printer, the cash drawer will automatically open at the end of cash sales and refunds.

Opening on Windows and OS X

Open cash drawers with receipts

By configuring your cash drawer and printer as per the instructions in our hardware support section your cash drawer can open when receipts are printed.

Opening Manually

If you are using Neto POS on a PC or Mac and have a cash drawer connected to your receipt printer, you can quickly open the cash drawer using a keyboard shortcut, Control + E.

This will print a one line receipt that triggers the cash drawer to open.


Sometimes you might find that your cash drawer does not open at the end of a transaction. Be sure to check and make sure that your receipt printer has enough paper, and has not jammed. We have found that most issues related to cash drawers not opening are related to issues with the attached receipt printer.

  • Last Modified: 19/10/2016 Neto Version: 1.5