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Processing Refunds

Note: This feature is only available for sites on Neto eCommerce version 6.2.0 or later.

Starting a refund

  1. From the side menu in Neto POS, tap on the ‘New Refund’ button.

  2. The Neto POS interface will change colour to indicate that you are performing a refund.

Adding items to the refund

  1. You can add items to the refund in the same way you would add items to a sale. You can do this by browsing through your categories, scanning a barcode or using the search bar at the top of the application. Items on the refund will appear in the item list on the right side of the screen just as they would for a sale!

  2. If you tap on the item in the list you will be able to make quick changes to the quantity being refunded, add notes and edit the price of the refund. This is important as the price that you sold the item might not be different from the price of the item now.

  3. When you are ready to proceed tap on the ‘Refund now’ button.

Selecting method of payment for the refund

  1. In the same way you can select a payment method for an order, selecting a payment method for your refund is as easy as simple as a quick tap on the method of your choice.

Returning stock

  1. After selecting the method of payment for the refund, you will need to decide whether or not to return the items back into stock. If you select yes, then Neto POS will increase the stock levels for all items in your current outlet.

  2. If you select no, then your stock levels will be unaffected by the refund. If you have a more complex return case or policy, you may need to select ‘no’ at this time and perform a stock adjustment from your Neto control panel or inventory management system later.

What about exchanges?

Neto POS does not support exchanges directly, but can simply refund the items that are being returned and create a new sale for the items that are being exchanged.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017