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Releasing / Unlinking a Register from a Device

So that sales can be properly tracked to an individual register, each register is locked to its related device when setup. This prevents the register from being used by any other device.

Unlinking a register is also a good idea in the event that your device is lost or stolen, it will revoke permission for that device to create transactions.

Unlinking a register can be accomplished from the device itself, or from your control panel if required. If you have access to the device, unlinking from the device is the preferred method.

Warning: All sales orders that are still on the device that have not been pushed to the Neto cloud will be lost. Please ensure that all sales have been synced from the device prior to unlinking it.

Unlinking a register from the device

  1. Click or tap on your menu button
  2. Click or tap on ‘Settings’
  3. Click or tap on ‘Reset application’
  4. If you are sure your transactions have synchronised, click or tap on ‘Continue’

If you see a message saying the device could not be unlinked, then you will need to unlink the register from your Neto control panel. This can happen when you reset the device whilst offline.

Unlinking a register from within your Neto Control Panel.

  1. Login to your control panel
  2. Go to:Point of Sale > Manage Cash Registers (in your menu)
  3. Click on the Register that you want to unlink from a device
  4. Click on the “Remove Link to Device” button

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017