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Switching Between Staff Users on a Register

So that you can keep track of who made each sale, you can quickly switch between users in the middle of your transactions. Transactions will be recorded as being completed by the staff member logged in when the transaction is finalised. The staff member who completes the transaction will be visible in your Neto control panel and also on any receipts that are printed from your register.

Switching between staff users

  1. Click / touch the active user at the top right of screen

  1. Select the user you want to switch to (if your user is not visible, click “more users”)



  1. If you have a PIN code set (completely optional), you will need to enter your PIN to login


How to logout of the POS register

Rather than leaving your register logged in, you might prefer to log out. This can be useful if you are leaving the register idle for more than a few minutes at a time.

  1. Tap or click on the active user at the top right of screen

  1. Tap or click on the logout button

  1. You are now on the log in screen, ready to log back in for your next transaction

Automatic Logout

You can also set your register to automatically return to the login screen after a specified time of inactivity. This can be a useful security precaution. You can customise how long before a user is logged out from the register configuration in your Neto Control Panel. To set the timeout on a register:

  1. From your Neto control panel, go to Point of Sale > Manage Registers
  2. Select the register you want to customise
  3. Adjust the register timeout

  1. Click Save
  2. Synchronise your register


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Last Modified: 28/09/2017