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Syncing data between your register and your Neto Control Panel

So that your registers can run offline and as quickly and smoothly as possible, data is periodically synced between registers and your Neto control panel.

When does a sync happen?

You must be online for synchronisation to happen. When online a full sync will happen:

  • On register set up
  • When you tap or click on the “synchronise data” button under the “menu” icon

What is a full sync?

Full synchronisation will update your:

  • Register configuration
  • Receipt details (phone number, address, etc.)
  • Staff user details (new pin codes, images, etc.)
  • Products (newly added and updated)
  • Categories (newly added and updated)

What is a transaction sync?

Transaction synchronisations happen whilst online immediately after completing the transaction and returning to the main sale screen. They will happen frequently to get your transactions into your Neto control panel as quickly as possible.

You can tell when a transaction sync is in progress by opening the side menu - the synchronisation icon will be spinning next toe the number unsynchronised transactions.

Can I tell if any transactions have not synchronised yet?

If you are offline transactions will not be able to synchronise to your Neto control panel. To see how many orders have not be able to synchronise yet, simply open your side menu. You will be able to see the count of unsynchronised transactions at the bottom of the menu. You will also be able to see the date your register was last fully synchronised.

Transactions will attempt to synchronise when you are back online.

What happens if I lose internet connection?

After you have set up a register and synced data with your register, you can use your register offline. The data required to run your register is stored locally in your browser.

Important: Do not clear your browser history while in offline mode otherwise all sales that are still on the device that have not been pushed to the Neto cloud will be lost.

What can’t I do when offline?

The great news is that you can complete sales while offline! Some advanced functionality will not be available though. This includes:

  1. Accessing your back office / control panel
  2. Creating and editing items

When you regain internet connection, the system will automatically sync any sales made while offline with the Neto cloud and all advanced functionality will return.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017