Troubleshooting synchronisation errors

Sometimes there are issues that can prevent sales and returns from synchronising with your Neto control panel.

To help diagnose these issues with Neto support, synchronisation errors can be viewed from your Neto POS register.

A common issue occurs when a customer is added to the order however it's missing either First, Last, Email/Username details. If this information is missing, the order will not sync.

Viewing synchronisation errors

  1. Tap on the Sales history button in the side menu of your register.

  2. Locate the order that is having trouble synchronising.

    • Transactions that had an issue synchronising will have a red icon.
    • Transactions that have successfully synchronised will have a green tick
    • Transactions that have not tried to synchronise yet will have an orange icon indicating that synchronisation is pending.

  3. Tap on the transaction that you wish to troubleshoot.

  4. Tap on the Error button.

    Note: This button will only appear on transactions that have had issues while synchronising, and will not appear for transaction that synchronised or have not been able to attempt to synchronise yet.

  5. The sync errors page will show you the:

    • Number times the transaction has attempted to synchronise
    • Last time it tried to synchronise (in the local time of your register)
    • Error code(s)
    • List of error messages if available

    This information can greatly help the Neto support team troubleshoot any issues that you might be having.

  • Last Modified: 04/04/2017 Neto Version: 1.5