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Printing from iOS Devices

So that you can print shipping labels and other documents from Apple iOS devices when using the Pick'n Pack app, you must either install an Airpint compatible printer OR you must install Presto ( so that your existing printers are visible through AirPrint.

Presto is compatible with virtually all printers and copiers and supports iOS printing via AirPrint. 

Presto is a robust, cost effective solution for enterprise mobile printing. Unlike other solutions, Presto integrates with a corporate network’s DNS and DHCP servers, freeing it from requiring expensive hardware and additional software components to work. It is not unusual to find a single copy of Presto Enterprise powering the entire mobile printing services of a large enterprise or university network.

Steps to Install Presto:

  1. Presto must be installed on the computer or server that your printer is connected to
  2. Go to to download Presto
  3. Follow the install instructions provided by Presto 

Click here to download the Presto User Guide

Important: Presto is designed to work with the original printer drivers provided by your printer's manufacturer. It will not work with Seagull printer drivers (which are recommended for desktop thermal label printing). 


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Last Modified: 28/09/2017