How to export products, orders or customers using the export wizard

TO access the export wizard, select the Setup & Tools menu, and choose Export Data.

Select what type of data you want to export, in this example we’ll export products.

Select Perform Complex Export and choose Start Data Export Wizard.

Give this export a name, and Continue To Next Step.

Now we are going to specify what information we would like exported. To do this click Add New Field. From each successive drop down menu, select the appropriate information type. In this example, we’ll export SKU, Name, Brand and Price. SKU, Name and Brand are found under Product Data. Price is found under Pricing. Continue To The Next Step.

You can receive the file in a few ways, but we recommend Email and Local URL. If you select email, enter your email address. Local URL will store the file on your computer to download later.

Neto also has an export template system which allows you to store exports and run them on schedules. This is useful for shopping comparisons and warehouse integrations. If you will be performing this export regularly and want to save it for future use, tick the option to save this as an export template and give the template a Name.

Click Export Now. The export file will be generated and emailed to you, or accessible from the download link.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018