eBay Featured Store Offer - Terms and Conditons

  • Eligible Persons must register sign up to an eBay featured store subscription to get the offer. 
  • This offer is for new eBay store subscriptions only. This offer does not apply to existing store subscriptions.
  • Subscription fees for a Featured Store will be waived for a period of 6 months for sign up ($54.95/month; total of $329.70 over 6 months).
  • This invitation and offer is not transferable or exchangeable. 
  • All other fees (other than the Featured Store subscription fees) are payable, including Final Value Fees, Feature fees, and other fees as set out at eBay.com.au
  • When you sign up to eBay, you must agree to and comply with eBay’s User Agreement and rules and policies set out at http://pages.ebay.com.au/help/policies/overview.html
  • Persons who violate the terms of this promotion or the terms of the eBay.com.au User Agreement during the six month promotion period may become ineligible for the offer and may not be eligible for future promotions on eBay.com.au, at the reasonable discretion of eBay. 
  • eBay reserves the right to verify eligibility of sellers. 
  • eBay’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into, including in the even of a dispute. 
  • eBay is not responsible for any technical malfunctions or problem on internet congestion, including injury or damage to a person’s computer related to participation in the promotion. 
  • eBay is not liable for any injury, loss, or damage of any nature whatsoever (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) which is suffered or sustained as a result of or in connection with receiving, taking or using the discount, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. Any tax liability arising as a result of accepting the discount or in relation to Qualifying Listings is the responsibility of the seller. 
  • If for any reason this promotion is not capable of running as planned, eBay reserves the right in it’s discretion to modify or terminate the terms of the promotion including any discount and these Terms and Conditions. 
  • This promotion is offered by the eBay International A.G.

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