Creating International Listing Templates

Although eBay restricts the same SKU being listed twice on the one site it does allow identical products to be listed on different eBay sites.

If you are intended to sell items directly on overseas eBay sites and ship from Australia or sell items and ship from overseas locations then follow this guide to assist you in listing correctly.

Our system allows you to list directly to the following supported eBay sites:

eBay United States
eBay Canada (English)
eBay UK
eBay Australia (eBay Australia currently hosts New Zealand)
eBay Austria
eBay Belgium (French)
eBay France
eBay Germany
eBay Motors
eBay Motors (US)
eBay Italy
eBay Belgium (Dutch)
eBay Netherlands
eBay Spain
eBay Switzerland
eBay Hong Kong
eBay India
eBay Ireland
eBay Malaysia
eBay Canada (French)
eBay Philippines
eBay Poland
eBay Russia
eBay Singapore
eBay Sweden

Important: Before you begin, ensure you have agreed to eBay’s cross border trade agreement.

  1. By default most of these international sites are disabled in the system. To enable these sites from the Neto dashboard, go to Ebay > Setup & Tools.

  2. Click on Site Manager.

  3. Check the boxes of the countries you wish to Enable and scroll to the bottom and click the Enable Selected button.

  4. Scroll down to the Download Latest eBay Data section and ensure Download Latest eBay Site Data is ticked and press Download. If you are selling car parts, it’s also worth ticking the Vehicle Compatibility List option as well.

  5. This process will download the latest information for the sites you wish to list on. Once this is complete, it’s time to setup your listing rules template correctly.

  6. From the Neto dashboard, go to Ebay > Listing Rules Templates and click the Add New button.

  7. Type in your template name, the eBay account, the eBay site and the Currency.

  8. On the product level, Neto will convert the AUD price you have set into local currency. Neto periodically updates the currency exchange rate so you don’t need to adjust your pricing.

    To view the exchange rate, just click on the currency link. If you already have prices set in local currency and don’t wish to use the exchange rate to list your product, simply tick the Ignore Exchange Rate in the listing rules template.

  9. Once complete, click on the Categorisation & Listing Rules tab.

    If you have ticked Category Mapping, you will have to create a brand new category mapping tree as category trees differ significantly from site to site. To do this from the Neto dashboard, go to Ebay > Category Mapping.

  10. In eBay Category Mapping, select the eBay Store, the eBay Site you are planning to list to and Product Category as the Content Type.

  11. Fill in your new category tree and once complete, go back to the listing rules template and fill out the remainder of the Categorisation & Listing Rules tab.

  12. Once complete, go to the Listing Design & Images tab and select the Design template you wish to use and scroll down to fill out Image Mapping and Listing Enhancements section if required. Please check for fees and charges for these services.

  13. Once complete, go to the Field Mapping section and fill out the requirements. Once complete, go to the Shipping tab.

  14. If you are planning to ship from Australia, follow the steps below. If you are planning on shipping in the local country, then continue on to Step 15.

    Under Item Location enter your Australian location. Under Domestic Shipping you need to select a service which shows customers the mail will be shipped from overseas, eg. for the US you can select Standard Shipping from outside US (162). Once you’ve completed the rest of the shipping options, move on to Step 16.

  15. To ship from the local country, set the Item Location to the local countries warehouse location. Some sites do not recognise the postcode, so if you have problems listing due to the location, try removing this altogether.

  16. Once complete, click on the Payments & Returns tab and set your payment methods and returns policy. You may need to set a Sales Tax Jurisdiction as well.

  17. Save your template and start assigning your listings.

Last Modified: 18/07/2018

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