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Australians are some of the most prolific online shoppers, with ecommerce websites generating over $15 billion worth of sales each year.

To tap into this growing trend, your business will need its own unique ecommerce shopping cart that allows you to sell your products online.

From browsing and selecting products, to payment and shipping arrangements – a seamless user experience is vital to get your sales over the line.

An ecommerce shopping cart for your business

Neto’s web shopping cart software provides a fully hosted, managed and serviced ecommerce platform – designed for all sizes of business.

  • Scalable solutions that can grow with your business
  • Encrypted data transfers ensuring customers’ passwords and credit/debit card information is kept secure
  • Integrates with all the leading accounting platforms, payment gateways, shipping carriers and sales channels
  • Ability to list an unlimited amount of products
  • Hundreds of built-in features and flexible design options
  • Fully functional mobile compatibility, designed specifically for mobile users
  • Manage large order volumes with batch order processing, pre-orders and backorders
  • Print and manifest shipping consignments directly
  • Manage, organise, report, and communicate with your customers through the CRM
  • Manage your eBay listings and orders and open your own Facebook shop
  • Built-in marketing and promotional tools such as coupons, rewards programs, data feeds, SEO, and more

This is a feature-heavy solution that brings all the functionality that your customers will expect, but it is also a simple way to add an ecommerce shopping cart to your website and quickly sell anything to anyone – even without any prior experience in selling online.

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