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Streamline your warehouse operations with Pick’n Pack

Having an efficient warehouse with a streamlined picking and packing process could be what sets you apart from your competitors. Neto Pick’n Pack can allow you to do just that, by enabling you to pick, pack and dispatch your orders with ease.


Pick orders with your iPhone or iPod Touch with a simple scan of a barcode. Don’t have a barcode? No worries! Touch an order line to mark it as picked.

pick your items


Pack your orders and generate real-time shipping quotes. Print shipping labels and manifests to thermal printers on the fly.

pack your order


Using our preferred shipping providers, dispatch your packages!

Dispatch your packages

Pack more, sell more

Using Neto Pick’n Pack, you can now process orders quickly, correctly, accurately and in a timely manner for a fraction of the cost of traditional warehouse management solutions.

If you’re looking to invest in streamlining your business processes Pick’n Pack can help you:

  • Significantly increase picking volume
  • Improve warehouse efficiency
  • Save money on staff labour
  • Reduce human picking error
  • Go paperless

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