Introduction to Orders

The fundamentals of order management

Keep all of your orders organised in Neto’s simple order management system that allows you to easily track each purchase (including pre-orders and backorders), accept payments, and manage shipping and inventory, and more.

Unlike other complicated order management systems, with Neto’s friendly user interface, you’ll be able to manage all of your sales channels through one easy-to-use system and customise your experience by mixing and matching dozens of add-ons.

Our order management software gives you the freedom to:

  • Print shipping labels in real-time
  • Print orders, invoices and labels
  • Manage disputes and returns
  • Everything in between

You can add orders to Neto in 4 ways:

  1. User Interface (Control Panel) 
    Go to: Neto Control Panel >  Orders > Add New
  2. File Import 
    Go to: Neto Control Panel >  Orders > View All : Import

    Go to:  Neto Control Panel > Import/Export > Import Wizard > Import Orders
  3. Application Programming Interface (API)
    Go to:
  4. Your Neto Website
    Orders will be added to Neto when customers purchase from your website



  • Last Modified: 02/11/2015