Order Status & Approval

Orders are organised into statuses for easy order management. You can quickly track the progress of an order by seeing what status it is in.

The following order status exist in Neto:

  • Quote: Quote not yet changed to order
  • New: New order not yet processed
  • Hold: Order on hold to be checked
  • Backorder: Order on backorder for later shipment on arrival of stock
  • Pick: Order pending picking
  • Pack: Order pending packing / shipping label generation
  • Pending Dispatch: Order partially dispatched, pending complete dispatch
  • Dispatched: Order fully dispatched, all order lines shipped
  • Uncommitted: Order on hold until future date (stock uncommitted)
  • Cancelled Order: Orders that are cancelled by customers or staff users

Order Approval

The order approval status is used as a control mechanism to prevent orders that are not paid or without payment terms being shipped. To dispatch an order, it must be “approved”.

Orders that are fully paid are automatically approved. To approve an order you must either apply a payment to the order (so that the order will be automatically approved) or you must manually approve it and apply payment terms (eg: due 7 days from date of invoice).

For example, if you put an order on invoice terms, you can manually approve it to be paid later.

Orders that are not approved can be picked, but cannot be packed or dispatched. Only approved orders can be dispatched.

  • Last Modified: 02/11/2015