PayPal is the fastest and easiest online payment method, and is a secure payment option for both merchants and consumers. There are no setup fees and you can start offering PayPal instantly.

Neto integrates with PayPal express and PayPal standard, the two most popular PayPal payment methods.

Keep in mind if your business is partly or fully owned by a trust you cannot offer PayPal as a payment option. Check with your accountant prior to offering PayPal on your website.

Why you should offer Paypal

On average, PayPal buyers use PayPal for more than half their online spending. With the implementation of PayPal express, your buyers pay fast using information they already have stored with PayPal. Since it’s so easy, they’re more likely to buy more often!

  • It’s a safe and secure way for your customers to shop.
  • PayPal is the standard. Chances are if you’re someone who’s made a purchase online before you’ll have used or at least know what PayPal is.
  • Fast and Free way to receive payments.

PayPal standard and PayPal express Differences

PayPal Standard takes the customer to PayPal’s site after the entire checkout in order to “make payment. Depending on the location of your store they may also need to sign up for a PayPal account before they can purchase.

PayPal Express allows your customers to jump over to the PayPal site before filling in shipping/billing information, and completing it on PayPal’s side. Either by using their account details (hence making it “express”) or by just inputting the data in. Customers aren’t required to have a PayPal account to use this method.

Configure PayPal Standard

To configure PayPal Standard in Neto, you’ll need to first set up instant payment notifications within your PayPal account. This is a required step in setting up PayPal Standard so that orders are marked as paid when they are paid on PayPal.

  1. Login to PayPal and select Profile > Profile and Settings in the menu at the top of the page.

  2. Click on My selling tools and click on Update next to Instant Payment Notifications.

  3. Click on Choose IPEN Settings.

  4. Enter your Notification URL: 1 (Note: replace with your own domain name)

  5. Select Receive IPN messages below the URL section. Click Save.

  6. Now that you’ve activated Instant Payment Notifications in PayPal we need to create the payment method in Neto. From the Neto Control Panel select the Setup & tools > Payment Methods and click Add New.

  7. Select PayPal and from the dropdown select Standard.

  8. Enter the email address you use to log into your PayPal account into the PayPal hosted payment email field. Press Continue to save.

Configure PayPal Express

To set up PayPal Express on your website you’ll need to create an API key through PayPal, and then implement the payment method within Neto.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account and click on the Tools link in the header menu.

  2. Click on the API Access image. Then click on Go to API Access.

  3. Click Request API Credentials on the API access page, or if you have already created the API key click on View API Signature.

  4. Click on Request API Signature and Agree and Submit.

  5. Click on the three Show links and copy and save these details.

  6. From the Neto Control Panel select the Setup & tools > Payment Methods and click Add New.

  7. Select PayPal, and from the dropdown on the popup select Express.

  8. Enter the Paypal api username, Paypal api password and Paypal api signature that you saved from the PayPal website. Click Continue to save.

Last Modified: 08/08/2016